Illegal and untrustworthy locksmiths

can be more dangerous than the actual burglars, because of the fact that they already have a key to your security system, and the burglars usually need to find ways to breach and bypass this security.  These illegal locksmiths may have access to inside information regarding the security of your house or office, as well as the possible security flaws, etc. which makes them even more harmful and dangerous for the safety of your home or office.

Here are some tips on ways to recognize these false or criminal locksmiths, including:

  • When calling the phone of the locksmith, the person responding doesn’t mention the company name.  This may not be always be a signal of a problem, but is a warning sign of possible fraudulent groups who tend to falsely advertise various types of services under different company names.
  • Suspiciously low prices for the services offered, reluctance to discuss prices or a tendency to talk up the prices prior to starting the job they are hired for is another thing to look out for.  Some of the untrustworthy locksmiths will try to trick the client into paying extra money for unnecessary services once the job is done.
  • Usually, good reputable locksmiths have uniforms and vans, which identify them as such.  It is best to trust a locksmith who has officially identified himself as such, who is licensed, bonded and insured. Being such implies he has the proper experience, tools and won’t cause damage to your property or otherwise cause harm to your property or threaten your safety.
  • Beware of locksmiths who attempt to drill your lock before trying other methods of opening the lock without causing so much damage to your property.  Drilling and destroying the lock is a last resort, which expert locksmiths use, because it is actually quite an expensive option for the client to have the whole lock replaced.
  • Illegal locksmiths will refuse or be unable to show their license, permit or other document certifying they are actually licensed.
The Locksmith

The Locksmith

A good idea, when looking for a trustworthy and qualified locksmith, is to do your own research in advance, ask for references and opinions of your friends and people you trust.  Also, check if the locksmith is licensed, insured and bonded.  This is crucial, in order to be sure that the job will be done properly, and that in case some damage occurs during the work done by the locksmith, the insurance policy will cover the costs for the damages done.

Another good tip is to check in the Local Business Bureau for the reputation of a locksmith company, or to check in the directory of SAVTA (the Safe & Vault Technicians Association) when looking for a safe or vault expert locksmith.  This will save you both a lot of money, and will guarantee the protection of your assets from illegal or incompetent locksmiths.

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