Residential Locksmith 

The Cheap Locksmith can help you properly secure your homeand keep your family, prized belongings and property safe! We provide a large range of residential locksmith solutions. Our highly skilled locksmiths in Miami Beach can change the locks on your doors to a high security brand, or we can rekey your existing locks so the old keys not in your possession don’t work anymore!

This is especially important when moving into a new home or condo, or if you have given spare keys to individuals who you no longer want to have access to your home. We can repair any types of locks, safes, doors, and gates as well as install and service them properly.

Many of our clients are surprised when we show how easy it would really be for someone to break into their home or apartment with our free residential security assessment. We can often find cracks in your security that only a trained professional (or burglar) would be aware of, and help consult you on what actions should be taken to prevent a robbery before it ever happens!

We also provide high-end security devices, which can be installed in your home if a higher level of residential security is what you seek. Ensure the safety of your home and family with a free expert evaluation from The Cheap Locksmith.

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