The Cheap Locksmith is a full-service, professional,

Miami Locksmith

Our company is fully licensed by Miami-Dade County, and we always deliver price and performance that exceeds all of our competition. The Miami Beach Locksmith industry is very competitive, and it is often difficult to determine who you can trust for your sensitive security issues. Please rest assured that The Cheap Locksmith is not only a local company, but we maintain the highest standards of quality, workmanship, and professionalism in the business.
Our Miami Locksmith services can be broken down into four basic areas: residential, commercial, automobile, and emergency. Although many locksmiths claim to be experts in all of these areas, the truth is that a highly trained locksmith usually only specialized in one or two of those categories. In order to keep our reputation as the best Miami Beach Locksmith, we have hired extensively trained individuals who operate exclusively in the one discipline that they are experts in. This assures that no matter what Miami Locksmith Service you require, a specialist for your precise need will be handling your job. You only get the best with The Cheap Locksmith.

Our residential Miami locksmith

service ranges from simple jobs, such as lockouts, to the complex installation of high tech security and closed circuit TV camera systems. When the ultimate in your personal and family security is needed, we are the most trusted Miami Beach Locksmith. We use the most advanced and sophisticated equipment along with the highest quality parts available. This combination of superior workmanship and products always equals 100% customer satisfaction. We are happy to provide you with an estimate for any of your residential security needs.

Miami Beach Locksmith
Similar to our residential services, our commercial Miami locksmith service offers nothing less than the absolute best. As a major metropolitan city, Miami has vast commercial locksmith needs. The Cheap Locksmith works with all types of commercial properties. Everything from high-rise office buildings and condominiums, to smaller stores on Lincoln Road and downtown Miami, we have been recognized as the premier Miami Beach locksmith in the industry. High security locks, such as Medeco, are often used in commercial properties and condos for their unparalleled strength and performance. We also install gates, doors, and alarm systems routinely.
We are also an automotive Miami locksmith. We can handle all jobs from lockouts, to replacement of high security transponder keys. Please call for an estimate on your make and model car. Remember, your car has many delicate parts and components that can be damaged by an inexperienced locksmith. The rigorous training and certification process that The Cheap Locksmith requires of all its employees ensures your satisfaction and keeps us rated as the top Miami Beach Locksmith.
The last Miami locksmith service we offer is our 24 hours, 7 days a week (24/7), rapid response emergency service. All of the services that we offer during normal hours, we also offer as an emergency service. Whatever you need, and whenever you need us, we guarantee fast and professional service by a licensed and certified Miami Beach Locksmith. There is a ton of competition in the emergency locksmith arena…but the question still remains: Who do you want coming to your home or car in the middle of the night when you are desperate and vulnerable? We understand how important it is for a professional and honest locksmith to arrive when you need us in these extremely difficult, and often scary, circumstances. I can only say that The Cheap Miami Locksmith will never let you down, and always delivers what we promise. 100% customer satisfaction!

By: Adam Kaplowitz

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